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Meet Our Team

The entire FMCTC Team takes great pride in serving you.  
Front Row:  Brian Krehbiel, Darrin Petersen, Tom Conry, Mark Davis, Matt Gubbels, Brian Dotzler, Corey Gaskill, Bud Bieker
2nd Row:  Trent Schuning, Shelli Larson, Brenda Fiscus, Nicole Williams, Kylie Nielsen, Gary Petersen, Jacie Scheffler, Donna Schaben
Not pictured:  Wayne Fink

Our Tech & Plant Teams
Our service technicians work hard to reduce the number of service calls needed and the time it takes to handle service problems.  And the better they do, the less you see of them. Our Business System professionals are passionate about creating communications solutions that empower our business customers.  Our plant team works hard building the pathway so we can bring you the latest in communication and entertainment. Thanks to our tech and plant teams and their work, you stay connected to the world.  

Our Technology Team

“May We Help You?”  It’s more than just our technology that keeps you connected to the world…it’s our Service and Outstanding Support team that sets FMCTC apart from all the other telecommunication providers.  And, we strive to produce quality programming for our local cable tv channels that entertains, educates and informs. Thanks to our technology team and their work, you’re connected to the world around you, as well as entertained and informed.  

Our Business Office & Customer Service Team
Customer service is our top priority.  FMCTC continually strives to offer you the latest technology products and services at affordable prices and keep you informed about how your cooperative is doing.  We take pride in delivering billing statements that are accurate and understandable, and that your service requests and questions are answered quickly and professionally.  Thanks to our business & customer service teams and their work, you’re connected to the world around you. 

Executive Team Members
General Manager Tom Conry  
Plant Manager Gary Petersen
Office Manager Jacie Scheffler  
Business Office & Customer Service Team Members
Customer Service Representative Kylie Nielsen  
Tech & Plant Team Members
Combination Technician Darrin Petersen  
Combination Technician Mark Davis  
Combination Technician Brian Dotzler  
Combination Technician Bud Bieker  
Combination Technician Corey Gaskill  
Combination Technician Trent Schuning  
Network Engineer Brian Krehbiel  
Technology Team Members
Internet Help Desk, Service & Support Donna Schaben
Internet Help Desk, Service & Support Nicole Williams
Cable TV programming, advertising,
& videographer                                         Matt Gubbels               

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