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Telephone Systems

FMCTC is a leader in providing innovative solutions for your business’ communication needs. We have been serving the western Iowa area for over one hundred years.  Our communications systems can be customized to the size of any business.  From 2 lines to 50 phone lines, a few extensions to a couple hundred, our professionals can configure a communication system that suits your needs and at a price that fits your budget.

Business Phone System Services
Choosing a new phone system does not have to be complicated or confusing…just call FMCTC. We are an authorized AVAYA business

We have trained professionals with over forty years experience selling and designing sophisticated telephone systems for small and medium sized businesses. Want a phone system quote? Feel free to call us at 712-744-3131 or call us toll free, 800-469-3511 and we will be glad to help you through your decision of a phone system.

When it comes to phone system installation, service and maintenance, only the most qualified business personnel will do. Our service technicians are highly qualified and experienced. If you need a service contract, or just a one-time repair, we will do it all.

Cooperative members qualify for 10%-50% discounts on phone system installation.

We can help you
get your business up and running.

Irwin-Kirkman-Manilla School District
Irwin & Manilla, Iowa

IKM's two school buildings were brought into a
communications network with two new AVAYA IP Office phone systems that are connected by fiber optics.  Eight miles separate the elementary school located in Irwin, and the middle school/high school located in Manilla.  
The communication system:

     provides instant, desk-like connectedness  between the two schools 
     provides Intercom and Paging communication between the two   
         buildings, increasing security and productivity district-wide
     provides Voice Mail with email integration, Caller ID
     provides a Remote Phone which allows the user to stay connected by IP
     provides Toll Deny--a lockout feature by phone extension
     coordinates 46 phone extensions with outside line access
     provides 'remotes managed services' which increases response time, 
         cuts drive time and increases customer satisfaction

"We never had a problem during our conversion and upgrade.  The communication system has been trouble-free.  We appreciate the support and knowledge of the FMCTC professionals."  - Shelley Foster, Technology Coordinator Irwin-Kirkman-Manilla School District

Harlan News Advertiser & Tribune
Harlan, Iowa

"FMCTC was an excellent resource for us.  They offered excellent value, a variety of options and outstanding service--with those three attributes it's hard to go wrong.  The information and packages they provided were technologically advanced and presented in an understandable format.  Best of all, our discussions were across the table, not over the phone with someone in Omaha or Des Moines.  It was a refreshing way to do business." -Steve Mores, Co-Publisher

Services for Business Customers

We can manage all of your telecommunications functions
Telephone Services
FMCTC can provide phone service with your new phone system! You get the convenience of having your phones installed PLUS your phone lines connected and ready to use with this all-in-one phone system solution. This option will save you the time and hassle of having a separate phone service representative talk to you at a different time. FMCTC can provide you with your local, long distance, and 1-800 number connections, as well. 

Internet Services
FMCTC can provide broadband Internet solutions for your whole office.  We offer Internet access with speeds of 400MB and faster.  If T1 dedicated access is what you need, we can make that happen, too.  FMCTC maintains a professional staff of experts in the area of internet systems. 

Networking Services
FMCTC maintains a professional staff of experts in the areas of networking. We offer wired and wireless networking services. 

Conference Bar
Conduct your meetings over the phone with Conference Bar by FMCTC.  Invite up to ten to your conference call.  This service is FREE for our Cooperative members.  Call our office to schedule. 

Our goal is to make sure our customers get everything they need to get their office up and running. Contact one of our Business Telecom Professionals and learn how FMCTC can help your business grow.

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