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Community Phone Service Area

The Community Phone Home Service Area
includes the following communities:

Harlan, Irwin, Westphalia, Hancock, Earling, Jacksonville, Defiance, Manilla, Panama, Tennant, Avoca, Shelby.

Talk Coast to Coast
on your Community Phone!

Follow these six simple steps
to assure you have the most
up-to-date nationwide roaming
area for your Community Phone.

This map is not a guarantee of coverage and is a general prediction of where outdoor coverage applies. Wireless service is subject to limitations, particularly near coverage boundaries and remote areas. Equipment, topography and environmental considerations also affect service, which may vary significantly within buildings.

The Community Phone Nationwide Roaming Coverage Area

FMCTC partners with other service providers to extend your wireless service nationwide. FMCTC roaming service uses networks operated by other carriers and is based on their information and public sources and we cannot ensure its accuracy.

Your phone’s roaming indicator tell you when roaming rates apply. When your phone banner displays “Roaming,” roaming rates apply.  When your phone banner displays “FMCTC Wireless,” local airtime minutes and rates apply.



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