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Monthly Telephone Pricing
FMCTC Telephone Rates, Fees & Services
Basic Telephone Service  Residential Business  Business Key System
Phone service for one line 
Earling, Hancock, Rural Harlan, Town Harlan, Irwin, Jacksonville, Kirkman, Tennant, Westphalia, Defiance, Manilla
$18  $18 $18

*Local rate.  Price does not include taxes or surcharges.  (Federal Subscriber Line Charge, Single Line  $6.50; Federal Subscriber Line Charge, Multiple Lines $9.20; Emergency County 9-1-1 Services, $1.00; ARC $1-$2; Universal Service Fund)

A la carte Telephone Features Price  
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.00  
Busy Line Redial $1.00  
Call Transfer $1.00  
Caller ID Number  $1.00  
Caller ID Name & Number $2.00  
Caller ID/Call Waiting $1.00  
Caller ID Blocking $1.00  
Call Forwarding FREE  
Call Forwarding Busy Line  $1.00  
Call Forwarding No Answer $1.00  
Call Return $1.00  
Call Waiting   FREE  
Cancel Call Waiting  FREE  
Collect Call Block FREE  
Selective Call Acceptance  $1.00  
Selective Call Forwarding   $1.00  
Selective Call Rejection  $1.00  
Selective Distinctive Ring $1.00  
Simultaneous Ring $1.00  (FREE w/ Community Phone)  
Speed Dial, 8/30 FREE  
Third Party Call Block FREE  
Three-Way Calling FREE  
900 Call Block  FREE  
Toll Restriction  FREE  
Voice Mail  Residential  Business
Voice Mail Basic   $2.00 $2.00
Voice Mail Plus   $4.00 $4.00
Inside Wire Maintenance Residential  Business
Insurance Plan $.50/per line .50/per line
*Business Key System Lines not eligible    
Networking/Wiring  Residential   Business
Wiring System
Directory Assistance  $.50/per call  $.50/per call
Non-Published Listing   $1.00 $1.00
PIC Freeze   FREE   FREE


Long Distance   Monthly Fee  Rate   FREE minutes
Just-A-Dime Plan $3.95 10˘/min 100/per line/mo
SmartRate Plan None 14˘/min 100/per line/mo
Rates are state to state and in-state.  24 hours a day/7 days a week for direct dialed calls within the continental U.S.
International Plan   Varies by Country    
800 Toll Free Number   Monthly Fee Rate  FREE minutes
800 Number $3.00 15˘/min 20 per month
Installation, Telephone Service                                                                                                   
Membership Fee, One-Time Fee  $ 5.00
Service Order     $ 6.00
Connection Fee   $12.00
Late Payment/Reconnection Fee                                                                                                
Service Order  $ 6.00
Connection Fee  $12.00



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