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Updating Your Community Phone

Talk coast-to-coast on your Community Phone
Follow these six simple steps to assure that you have the most up-to-date nationwide roaming area for your Community Phone

It's SOOO Much More!

The FMCTC Community Phone is anything but a local phone! You can use your Community Phone almost ANYWHERE in the U.S. with our Pay-As-U-Go Roaming feature.

CLICK HERE to see map of nationwide roaming coverage area.

1. Power on your Community Phone

2. Dial *228 from your Community Phone home coverage area, followed by the SEND key. You will be welcomed to the FMCTC Roaming Update Department.

3. When prompted by one of our customer service representatives, state your Community Phone phone number (236-XXXX)

4. Once the update begins, a message will display on your phone screen, ‘Activation in progress.’ This process may take up to two minutes.

5. Please stay on the line until the customer service representative instructs you to hang up.

6. Once the update is complete, a message will display on your phone screen, ‘Activation Successful.”

Questions about your Community Phone update

How much will this *228 call cost me?
Nothing. This call is offered FREE of airtime charges.

How often do I need to perform this update?
For now, this update should be performed every month.

When can I perform this update?
You may perform this update at your convenience, Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM. We recommend doing so immediately.

Why do I need to perform this update on my Community Phone?
By performing this update, you will be able to roam and use your Community Phone in even more areas across the United States.

FAQ about Roaming

What is roaming?
Roaming is making or receiving calls when you are outside of the FMCTC Home Area. See map of Home Service area.

How much do calls cost when I’m outside the FMCTC Home Area?
The charge is 49¢/minute. This includes roaming AND long distance charges.

How will I know if I am roaming?
The word “ROAM” will display on your Community Phone.

Will my Community Phone work or sound differently when roaming?
When roaming on other networks, call quality and security will be similar to service on the FMCTC network. When you’re roaming, incoming calls will find you automatically. There’s no need to enter any special code.

How do I make a call when I’m roaming?
Just enter 1+area code+the phone number and press the GREEN button.

Call us at 712-744-3131 or 800-469-3511.
Or stop by our Harlan office and we will assist you.



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